27th April – 2nd June

launch 4pm 27th April.
Officially opened by Dr. Rory Rowan, Assistant Professor Trinity College Dublin.

Lines of Flight” Manal engages deeply with the intricate landscapes of mapping, navigation, and the transcendence of imposed borders, underpinned by the philosophical framework of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s concept of a line of flight or escape. This exhibition, set against the historical backdrop of Waterford, embarks on a poignant exploration of ecology, colonialism, and an enduring quest for belonging, drawing particular inspiration from the resilient spirit of Palestine and the stark realities faced by its people, especially in the context of the current war in Gaza.

At the heart of “Lines of Flight” is the metaphorical and literal journey of survival and adaptation, inspired by the remarkable navigational senses of animals and paralleled by the struggles of the Palestinian people. Their quest mirrors the line of flight’s multifaceted nature—not merely an act of fleeing but a transformative escape, flowing like water, leaking through cracks of oppression, and disappearing into the distance toward a hopeful vanishing point. This concept resonates with the current and historical experiences of Palestinians, who navigate a labyrinth of borders, checkpoints, and barriers in their perpetual search for a way back to their ancestral homes, embodying the essence of change and adaptability in the face of sociological, political, and psychological upheavals.