This art project follows a very independent and idiosyncratic course. Artists stands central – together with their respective galleries and organizations they have been invited by the five curators. The curators are: Charlotte Lidon, Tanya Rumpff, Christophe Ménager, Nada Odeh, Eva Wuytjens.
The complete list of participants will be presented at the end of February. The Solo Project is organized in accordance with all covid-19 restrictions.
Please don t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you would be interested to get more information.

The fair is an initiative of Paul Kusseneers (Kusseneers Gallery in Brussels).
After nine editions in Basel, the first Belgian edition of The Solo Project takes place in Brussels.
The fair design enables the interaction with art and guests and is entirely in tune with The Solo Project’s philosophy of transparency.
The show will make a serious attempt to focus the art gallery going public on this carefully selected group of artists, each presenting solo or collaborative projects.
This project is not an attempt to replicate already existing art fairs but rather a chance to enhance the contemporary art experience presenting a more in depth view of each artists work. It is the plan of The Solo Project to take a different approach, resembling more, a series of considered gallery type shows in well constructed spaces for each gallery, giving the works more ‘room to breath’, the artists more room to make a clear presentation and the visitors an environment in which the works can be considered as a body of work rather than as loan pieces. The selection committee consisting of international curators, ensures a high quality international selection.